If you are looking for a turret security camera with good enough image quality to identify a person or to read a license plate then this camera might be worth checking out. Overall I think this is a good camera that performed well in my tests. Image quality and audio was really good and you could easily hear someone talking 15 meters away from the camera. Check latest price on Amazon! Something I didn’t like as much was the design of how you adjust the camera, because even when I tightened the screw that are supposed to lock the camera in position I could still move the camera around a bit. Its not a big problem though since it wont move by it self since you still need to use some force but I would have preferred a better way to lock it in position. I bought this camera on Amazon and I payed 110 dollars for it. And if you are interested in buying this camera you will find my affiliate links in this article with the most updated prices.       The camera uses a 8mp Sony Starvis sensor that records in 4K and the camera I …

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