Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

So what we have here is Imou’s first outdoor Pan and Tilt IP camera, and this is a small budget friendly camera with a kinda unique mounting bracket that allows us to mount it both on a ceiling and on a wall. Check latest price below (Affiliate Links) Aliexpress Amazon And it does support something called smart tracking, which means it can follow moving objects, however since it will follow anything that moves, including a moving tree, its not that reliable, but something I did like was that the camera will go back automatically to its original position after tracking is done, which most cheap cameras with auto tracking don’t do. But its not really something I would recommend using. It also allows us to set up to 3 preset points so we can quickly move the camera to a new position but I couldn’t find a setting for patrol so I’m guessing it does not support patrolling. Image quality is OK, not the best I’ve seen but I think its good enough for most situations. But if you are looking for a camera with really sharp image quality, this is probably not the best camera, maybe the 4mp version …

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