Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
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Making a security system smarter is much easier than you can imagine. By focusing on a few key elements, it becomes straightforward and worthwhile in the long run – it makes operations more streamlined and efficient, it aggregates all you need in the palm of your hand, and it generates powerful security insights. 

1. Think about proactive security

A traditional video security system works by passive monitoring, which means it is referred to after incidents happen. Why? Usually there is limited or no intelligence to detect a true intrusion event, and so too many alerts are triggered compounding the genuine and insignificant events together. This is a reality that makes it tough for security personnel to focus and act.

A smarter security system that precisely identifies trespassing events and deters the intruders at the very beginning, can transform passive monitoring to proactive security. One example is the Hikvision AcuSense technology.

What does smart look like? Facilities are equipped with cameras featuring AcuSense technology, so they are enabled to detect human / vehicle intrusions day and night. If an intruder enters an area of attention, an alarm will be triggered, and simultaneously the onsite camera produces a flashing light and an auditory warning – which can be pre-recorded – with the aim of deterring the intruder. At the same time, security personnel is notified on the monitor with a video clip displaying what is happening. Accordingly, actions can be taken straight away. In this way, facilities can protect their assets with more confidence. 

2. When it comes to forensic search…

Now that the system enables immediate response, attention can be paid to using it for forensic search.

Most of the video recorded on an NVR or DVR is rarely viewed. But, when the time comes that a short piece of video is needed, operators are faced with thousands of hours of recorded video. A smart search of video archives can greatly simplify the task and help an investigator quickly find evidence of an event. The solutions can be found in intelligent video analytics, for example human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition and other powerful features.

One of Hikvision’s offerings is the DeepinMind NVR. This can effectively identify people separately from other objects such as animals or leaves captured by security cameras. So, as soon as there’s a line-crossing detection by a person, the NVR recognizes it and starts to record, further categorizing that video clip with a label for convenient search. In this way, investigators looking for evidence of an intruder’s trespass, can simply specify the line-crossing search criteria, and choose the category labelled human events. The system will quickly show all the relevant videos. 

Source: Hikvision

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