Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

This is a really interesting camera from Ezviz and according to them, this is the world’s first commercial-grade security camera with a dual-lens setup to record color night vision without the need of using spotlights. One lens records ambient brightness and the other one captures color information, then they are merged together and the end result is an image that is rich in details and color even without using any supplemental lights. Check latest price on Amazon! However in complete darkness, like indoors, without any light source whatsoever, the camera will use normal black and white night vision instead. And I think the camera did a good job capture colors at night especially if its not in total darkness. I also think its great to see this new technology in more consumer friendly smart cameras. When I first turned on the camera, image quality was not really that great but I think after I set the image quality to the highest, it looked good. This is something you have to do in the PC client, its not possible to do through the app, and I would recommend anyone buying this camera to do that as well.     And for …

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