Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Today I will be comparing two cheap outdoor mini PTZ IP cameras, one is branded Inqmega and the other one is from Boavision. I will compare the features and go over pros and cons so hopefully at the end of this article we will know which one of these two cameras, is the best option! Check Boavision price on Aliexpress! Check Boavision price on Amazon! Check Inqmega price on Aliexpress! Check Inqmega price on Amazon! These are both top selling cameras sold on Aliexpress. And they might look similar on the outside but they do have some differences. And the biggest one is probably that the Inqmega can auto track moving objects or that the Boavision uses a vari-focal lens instead of a fixed lens, like the Inqmega. They are both really easy to set up using an App on your smart device. However the App Ingmega uses is cloud based and the App Boavision uses don’t support cloud storage. You will find a more in-depth review of each camera on my Youtube channel if you wanna know how to set them up or how the App works. And if you are interested in buying any of these cameras, you …

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